Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vision Racks Update

I found that after my 1754 15qt Vision Rack was set up and fully operational that the 15 qt tubs just did not feel right for an adult Leopard Gecko. I know it's just me as these really are the standard for adult Leos. It just seemed they had such limited room that they messed it up too quickly!

SO my solution? I simply set up the spacious Vision Rack V-35 that I obtained earlier. It is simply perfect!

The 1754 15 qt will now be the hatchling rack when that all happens down the road......

Pictured here is the V-35 that has 22 Tubs & the 1755 that has ten 32 qt tubs.
In the middle is a 4 drawer Sterilite storage rack that houses 3,000 meal worms in the top two drawers & 1,000 Super Worms in the bottom two!

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